New Civil Engineer magazine ran a profile about the Smart Data and Technology team I lead for Amey in July 2016.

My article “Four ways political leaders can help build Smart Sustainable Cities”  was published in the International Telecommunication Union’s February 2016 special issue “Building Tomorrow’s Smart Sustainable Cities“.

I wrote a blog about Smart Cities for the Centre for Public Impact in February 2016.

Many of my presentations are available on SlideShare, including my presentations to the 17th session of the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development in Budapest and to the 2016 Eurocities Knowledge Sharing Network in Rennes, Frane.

I was one of the main authors of IBM UK’s most recent point of view on Smarter Cities: “People for Cities“.

My article about the way Smarter Cities technologies and ideas can contribute to local communities was published by BBC Futures as “Bringing Back the Neighbourhood” (link not visible within the UK).

My article “What does a city gain by becoming intelligent?” was published by Prospect Magazine in their July 2013 issue.

My presentation to the 16th session of the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for development is available here; a reasonable representation of my spoken remarks is provided by the article “An address to the United Nations: science, technology and innovation for sustainable cities and peri-urban communities“.

My article “Small talk, big breakthroughs” was published in TLQ’s 2013 online magazine “The Urban Millennium”.

My article “The six steps to a Smarter City; and the philosophical imperative for taking them” was re-published by the World Cities Network.

My article “How Smarter Cities get started” was re-published by the BRE’s “Building4Change” website.

My articles “Five Roads to a Smarter City” and “Extreme urbanism: live here at your peril” were re-published by the SustainableEU website.

The articles on this blog are frequently re-published by the Sustainable Cities Collective.

I write occasionally for Birmingham Science City on their blog, “Ideas for Life”.

My presentation on digital markets in Smarter Cities at the Base Cities London conference can be downloaded as a PowerPoint file.

My article on how the Information Revolution is affecting cities in the UK was published as part of the “Growth Factory” report on government policy, presented by Damian Collins MP and the thinktank TLGLab.

My presentation with Rhys Sharp, Chief Technology Officer for SCC, on the role of Cloud Computing in enabling local government and Smarter City transformations at this year’s Spring Conference of the Society of IT Managers in local government SOCITM for available for download here (site registration required).

My March 2012 paper “What’s So Clever About Smart Cities”, co-authored with William Webb FREng and CTO of Neul Ltd. is available in the Royal Academy of Engineering‘s Ingenia Magazine. The online version is considerably abridged; the full article in the form it appears in the printed magazine can be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat file.

My February 2012 presentation on “Emerging Technologies for a Smarter Planet” at the Cambridge Wireless “Big Data Big Data Opportunities” event can be downloaded from the event website.

My August 2008 article describing how to use Web 2.0 Mashup technology to realise new value from core mainframe financial and insurance applications.

My “Enterprise Web 2.0” article series is on IBM’s DeveloperWorks site (4/5 stars from 4 reviews).

“Surviving and Thriving in an On-Demand World” at the 2005 IDC SOA Conference London.

The IBM Redbook “Patterns: Implementing an SOA using an Enterprise Service Bus” (5/5 stars from 18 reviews).

“SOA and the Art of Riding the Enterprise Service Bus” Parts 1 & 2 in Web Services Journal (24,000+ page reads).

My series “Understand Enterprise Service Bus scenarios and solutions in Service-Oriented Architecture” is on IBM DeveloperWorks – part 1 (4/5 stars from 115 reviews), part 2 (5/5 stars from 10 reviews), part 3 (4/5 stars from 9 reviews).

My article “Planning for Availability in the Enterprise” published in the IBM WebSphere Technical Journal (5/5 stars from 30 reviews).

My article “Developing and Deploying Modular J2EE Applications with WebSphere Studio Application Developer and WebSphere Application Server” on IBM’s DeveloperWorks site (4/5 stars from 19 reviews).

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