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I’m the Director of Technology for Amey, one of the UK’s largest engineering and infrastructure services companies, and part of the Ferrovial Group. Previously, I was IBM UK’s Executive Architect for Smarter Cities.

Amey make better places for people to live, work and travel: but the way that we live, work and travel is changing, driven by astonishing advances in digital technology.

I am responsible for driving those advances into the technology platforms that support and improve the services and infrastructure that Amey is responsible for, and that are used by millions of people every day.

I’m a member of the UK Government’s Smart Cities Forum; a Fellow of the British Computer Society and the RSA; a member of the Academy of Urbanism; and a contributor to UBM’s Future Cities community, who included me in their list of the “Top 20 leaders in urbanization“, and the Sustainable Cities Collective.

In my home city of Birmingham, where I’ve lived for 25 years, I’m a founder and the current Chair of the Steering Group for the Birmingham Smart City Alliance, a member of Birmingham City Council’s Smart City Commission, a member of the Birmingham Science City Board, and a non-Executive Director of Innovation Birmingham.

In previous roles I was responsible for IBM’s strategy and first-of-a-kind project delivery in areas such as social media, service-oriented architecture and distributed computing. I hold a PhD in the physics of superconducting devices from the University of Birmingham, and am a visiting Research Fellow at WMG at the University of Warwick where my interests include dynamic supply chains, regional economic development and healthcare technology.

You can connect with me on Twitter where I’m @dr_rick, or contact me through Linked-In where I’ll respond to connection requests from people I know, or that are accompanied by a message that starts a meaningful discussion.

The views published here are my own.

3 Responses to Personal profile

  1. george grace says:

    hi rick
    i work in urban centres, highstreets. i’m running one of the first Portas Pilots in Bristol.

    i’m increasingly frustrated by the complete lack of ambition or ideas by dclg. the best they are currently offering in of legislative support for Town Teams and High Streets is consultation on how to turn it into resi?! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

    i have an idea. tech based hence this email to you. i call it Town Team Technology.

    ie a bespoke web-based IT package that enables town centres and high streets to organise all of the data around the myriad of stakeholder groups and then create collaborative partnership platforms for and between the groups. In particular:
    Business occupiers – Business Improvement Districts
    Landlords – Landlord-led BIDs, Voluntary Developer Partnerships,
    Residents – Resident Consultation; Community Share Offers, etc
    Public and 3rd sectors

    I have a short doc summarising the idea. If any of this is of interest drop me your email address and i’ll pop across to you.

    I think it has financial and social legs.



  2. joyohana says:

    Great to see the progress. We are wanting to develop these skills here in Sydney. Area you coming this way ie Australia soon? Is there someone in IBM Australia that I could contact? Is there a discussion group I could join?
    Many tahsnk


  3. Rick Robinson says:

    Hi John,

    Please connect to me on Linked In and let’s talk – there’s a link in my brief bio at the top right of the blog page.




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